How long is each CommonLit 360 lesson?

The length of each CommonLit 360 Lesson varies. Each unit provides a pacing guide that offers an estimate of how long every lesson in a unit will take. You can find this pacing guidance in the Unit Guide, which is found at the top of the Lessons & Materials page for each unit.

The pacing guidance is based on 45-minute middle school periods and 90-minute high school periods. When scrolling through the pacing guide, you will be able to see how many days are allotted for a lesson. This is CommonLit's recommendation, but teachers should make modifications based on their class. 

Additionally, you can find pacing guidance for each lesson on the Lessons & Materials page. Each lesson has an estimated time label so that you can get a quick idea of how long each lesson may take you and your students to complete. 

You can find a minute-by-minute pacing guide for Writing Lessons on the first page of the teacher copies.


Find the full pacing guide for all CommonLit 360 units here.

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