Can I print CommonLit 360 lessons?

Almost all assignments in CommonLit 360 are printable (with the rare exception when a particular text has copyright restrictions preventing us from providing a printable copy). You can find printable versions of the assignments by going to the Lessons & Materials page of your chosen unit, and then finding the lesson you want to assign.

For Vocabulary Activity Sets, Grammar and Usage Activities, Grammar Quizzes, Discussion Lessons, and Culminating Tasks, click Show More to see the linked printable documents. Most of those assignments are available as Google Docs or Google Slides. To print those assignments, click the link for the document, and then click the Make a Copy button. The copy can then be edited and printed. 

For Reading Lessons, Writing Lessons, and Vocabulary Quizzes, click Show More, then click on the Preview or Assign button. The printable documents for these lessons will be available when you click the Download Materials link in the upper right hand corner on the Student Assignment Preview page.

To print a Reading Lesson, first download a PDF copy (due to copyright agreements, Reading Lessons are not available in Google Doc format). To do this, click on the Download Materials link in the upper right hand corner of the page, and then select either the Teacher Copy or the Student Copy. If you select the Student Copy, a window will appear that asks you how many students you will be distributing the PDF to. Once you have selected an answer from the dropdown, you can then click "Continue" to be taken to the PDF Student Copy of the lesson. 

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