How can I teach CommonLit 360 Writing Lessons?

CommonLit 360 offers a free, full-year English/Language Arts curriculum for grades 6-12. This includes Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Related Media, and Writing Lessons. Writing Lessons are offered in both print form (via Google Docs) and on CommonLit itself.

Printable Writing Lessons

Teachers can access the paper versions of CommonLit 360 Writing Lessons on the Student Assignment Preview page of each Writing Lesson. From the 360 unit's Lessons & Materials page, find a Writing Lesson and click Show More, then click the Preview or Assign button. This will lead you to the Student Assignment Preview page. Click the Download Materials link in the top right corner of the page to download a Teacher or Student Copy of the lesson.

Once you click on Teacher Copy, you will be able to create a copy of a Google doc with the materials needed for leading the Writing Lesson. The Student Copy is a Google doc with materials for students.

Digital Writing Lessons

Teachers can also assign CommonLit 360 Writing Lessons digitally through CommonLit itself. The lessons are similar, but questions are slightly altered to fit the interactive format. 

Data from these lessons can be easily found through CommonLit. Similar to CommonLit Reading Lessons, teachers only need to grade short-response questions.

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