I am an educator without a school-issued email address. How do I sign up for CommonLit?

Note for educators with parent accounts: CommonLit no longer supports parent accounts. If you need to transition your parent account over to an Educator or Homeschool Educator account, please reach out to help@commonlit.org and mention that you need an account transfer.

Educators are not allowed to sign up using personal email domains (such as Gmail and Yahoo) as part of CommonLit's cheating prevention measures. However, we do work with individual teachers to create CommonLit educator accounts with personal email domains under certain circumstances after confirming their identity and approving their personal emails.

In order to verify your personal email domain, please reach out to CommonLit Support at help@commonlit.org and include a link to your online staff directory listing you and your email or a copy of your teaching ID or teaching certificate. If you don't have access to either of these, please still reach out to help@commonlit.org for further assistance.