How does CommonLit calculate percentage correct and standards-based scores on the Assessment Series?

CommonLit Assessment Series tests provide teachers with data on their students' overall performance as well as students’ performance on specific standards categories.

On an assessment's Analyze Data page, teachers will see an Overall Performance by Student table that displays a student’s overall Percent Correct as well as the percent correct for different standards categories. 

While the overall percent correct calculation includes questions the student has left blank, the percent correct for individual standards categories excludes these questions. This provides teachers with increased clarity on how students performed within a standards category based only on the questions they answered related to that standards category.

Please note, this means if a student did not answer any questions related to one of the standards categories, they could receive a score of N/A for that standards category. Furthermore, students could receive high percentage correct scores across several standards categories, but a low overall percent correct score if they left questions blank.