How does CommonLit calculate percentage correct and standards-based scores on the Assessment Series?

CommonLit Assessment Series tests provide teachers with data on their students' overall performance as well as students’ performance on specific standards categories.

On an assessment's Analyze Data page, teachers will see an Overall Performance by Student table that displays a student’s overall Percent Correct as well as the percent correct for different standards categories. In both overall Percent Correct and percent correct for individual standard categories, skipped questions are treated as incorrect answers.

Note: Prior to the 2024-2025 school year, for the individual standards categories only, skipped questions were excluded from the calculations for percent correct. However, we received feedback from teachers that if students skipped many questions, their high percent correct scores for individual standards seemed inconsistent with low scaled scores and overall Percent Correct scores. After receiving this feedback, changes were made to ensure that all student scores — standard percent correct, overall Percent Correct, and scaled scores — treat skipped questions consistently.