Some of my students didn't submit their Assessment Series test on time. Can I force submit it for them?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using the Assessment Series.

If your students did not submit their assessments on time, you can choose to force submit their assessments with all of their existing progress for them.

To submit a student's assessment follow the directions below:

1. Find the assessment from your Assignments page or click the Assessment Series option on your Home Page. 

2. Visit the Student Status page.

3. Select the correct assessment type over on the left.

4. Find the student's name and select the Actions dropdown to select Force Submit.

After you successfully force submit the student's test, you should see that they are now listed as Submitted under the Status column.

When you force submit a student's test, CommonLit will submit whatever answers are currently on the student's test, and then the test will be removed from the student's account (just as if they had submitted it themselves).