What happens to student Assessment Series data when a class is archived, such as at the beginning of the second semester?

During a school year, CommonLit Assessment Series data is available to any teacher that teaches a student at their school on CommonLit. Even if students tested in a class that has since been archived, student data from any completed CommonLit Assessment Series tests will be visible to their current teachers. This commonly occurs when schools or districts choose to archive their first semester classes at the end of the first semester and roster new classes to CommonLit for the second semester. In those cases, teachers are able to easily access prior Assessment Series data for students in the second semester classes. 

In order to access this data, teachers should select My Classes at the top of their CommonLit page and choose Assessment Series from the dropdown menu. Then, they should select Analyze Data in order to view their students’ previous Assessment Series data.

If any students had not started or finished their Assessment Series tests prior to their classes being archived, teachers of their new classes will need to re-assign that assessment to their new classes for them to complete it. Teachers can easily re-assign that assessment by going to their “Assessment Series” tab and clicking the Schedule button. 

Once the assessment is re-assigned, students who did not previously complete the assessment will have their progress saved and can pick up where they left off. Any students who previously completed the assessment will not need to complete it again and should not see the assessment on their My Assignments page.

The same process can be followed if the student has a different teacher for the second semester, since students’ Pre-Assessments, Mid-Year Assessments, and Post-Assessments follow them between classes within a school. Any teacher in a school can see their students' existing Assessment Series assessments and proctor them for students.