Why do I see both a Free Reading Assessment and Pre-Assessment on my Assignments page?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using the Assessment Series.

CommonLit's Free Reading Assessment is provided for all teachers for free as a one-time assessment to assess their student's reading aptitude at that time.

If you scheduled a Free Reading Assessment and some or all of your students took the test, and then your school purchased and was onboarded for CommonLit's paid Assessment Series, we've automatically scheduled the Assessment Series Pre-Assessment for you, and we retained your Free Reading Assessment data on your account. For this reason, you will see both a Free Reading Assessment and your new Assessment Series Pre-Assessment for any affected classes on your Assignments page. To view a class's Free Reading Assessment data from your Assignments page, click on "View Data" on the assessment.

Please note: The Free Reading Assessment cannot be combined with a Mid-Year or Post-Assessment to provide growth data. Your students will still need to take the Pre-Assessment, even if they've already completed the Free Reading Assessment, in order to ensure you are set up for validated growth data compared to the Mid-Year and Post-Assessment. 

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