Why can't my students see their Assessment Series test?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using the Assessment Series.

If you have successfully assigned an assessment for your class but your students report that they do not see it on their My Assignments page, please return to your Assignments page and check the date for which you scheduled the test below the title of the assessment.

Students will only be able to see and access the test on their My Assignments pages once the test date arrives. If the test date is in the future, your students will not see the assessment on their accounts. There is no due date for the assessments and students can still submit even after the test date has passed.

For test validity purposes, we recommend that all students take each test on the same day, or as close together as possible, and as early in the year as possible for the Pre-Assessment.

You can edit the test date from your Assignments page by clicking Options > Edit Scheduling in the top right corner of the assessment.

You can also edit an assessment start date from the Home page for the Assessment Series. You can get there by clicking Browse Content at the top of the page > Assessment Series. Once on the Home page, you can click the Schedule button for the assessment you want to edit (Pre-, Mid-, or Post-).

A window will appear and will include a section for Previously Scheduled Assessments. You can click Edit This Assessment under the assessment to make changes to the scheduled test date.

This applies both if the test date has not yet arrived and if the test date has already arrived.

If you have confirmed the date is not preventing your students from accessing their Assessment Series test, please reach out to help@commonlit.org and we will be able to assist you.