Do I have to grade the Assessment Series tests?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using the Assessment Series.

No, teachers do not have to grade anything for the CommonLit Assessment Series assessments. As soon as your students submit their tests, we will provide you with their scaled scores, performance groups, overall (raw) percent correct, and multiple-choice percentages per standard. Please note that students do not see their assessments after they submit them, and we do not share scores with students.

You will not immediately see your students' Percentile Rankings. This is because we recalculate percentile scores nightly to account for that day's submissions. Furthermore, we also only calculate and display percentiles once we have collected a sufficient amount of valid data for your students (meaning enough CommonLit students in the same grade also took the same test). You will receive a message in your notification bell once this comparative data is available for you to view.