Does the Free Reading Assessment follow students between classes?

If your district has chosen to purchase Assessment Series in CommonLit School Essentials PRO or School Essentials PRO Plus, you will not have access to the Free Reading Assessment. Instead, you’ll be able to collect baseline data through the first assessment in the Assessment Series. You’ll also have access to a Mid-Year and a Post-Assessment to help you track students’ reading growth throughout the reading year.

The Free Reading Assessment can follow a student between two classes that have scheduled the same version of the assessment. 

A teacher who schedules the same grade-level assessments to two of their classes will get the same version of the assessment across all of their classes. Therefore, if a student moves between one teacher's two different classes, the assessment will follow the student. 

Two different teachers in the same school who schedule an assessment at the same grade level might get different versions of that grade level's assessment. This randomization cannot be controlled. If two teachers happen to schedule the same version of the grade-level assessment, then a student's assessment can follow them from one teacher's class to another teacher's class. 

If assessment data does not follow a student between two classes, the new teacher can ask the student's former teacher for a downloaded copy of the student's Individual Student Performance Report in order to see their former assessment and assignment data.

Please note: other CommonLit assignments will never follow students between classes.

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