Does CommonLit offer a diagnostic for the beginning of the year?

If your district has chosen to purchase Assessment Series in CommonLit School Essentials PRO or School Essentials PRO Plus, you will not have access to the Free Reading Assessment. Instead, you’ll be able to collect baseline data through the first assessment in the Assessment Series. You’ll also have access to a Mid-Year and a Post-Assessment to help you track students’ reading growth throughout the reading year.

Yes, CommonLit does offer a free diagnostic, called the Free Reading Assessment, for students to take at the beginning of the year, semester, marking period, or their time on CommonLit! The assessment will be available to schedule for the new school year beginning July 24th.

The Free Reading Assessment is designed to provide teachers with baseline data about their students' performance across specific standards compared to their grade-level peers. Teachers can then use the data to help inform instruction and differentiation needs. The assessment is not a summative or formative assessment, and CommonLit discourages using its score as part of a student's class grade. 


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