Why aren't my student's resubmitted assignment scores transferring to Canvas?

This article is intended only for CommonLit customers with access to Canvas as a part of School Essentials PRO package.

If a student resubmits or you re-grade a student’s assignment, we will overwrite their current score listed on Canvas.

However, if you have students who are resubmitting and you notice that their new scores are not transferring over to Canvas, then we suggest checking the Submission Attempts section for the assignment within Canvas.

Please make sure that Allowed Attempts is set to unlimited. If allowed attempts is set to unlimited, students’ grades should be passed back to Canvas when they are un-submitted and resubmitted.

If scores aren’t sent to Canvas due to limited attempts, teachers can update the number of attempts and we will automatically send scores to Canvas (for all students) the next time any student submits the assignment.