How do I pass or send scores to my Canvas gradebook?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using Canvas. Our Canvas integration is available for schools and districts who purchase a School Essentials PRO package.

Scores for Canvas-linked assignments will be sent to your Canvas gradebook once you have released scores on CommonLit. After releasing scores, students will also be able to view their scores on CommonLit and Canvas (if you opted for an automatic grade posting policy).

You can quickly release scores from your Assignments page by clicking the Release Scores button or the Release Scores icon (5th icon):

Alternatively, you can also release scores from the Assignment Report. To get to the Assignment Report, you can click on the graph icon for the assignment on the Assignments page. You can also get there from the grading page by clicking View Assignment Report.

Once you are in the Assignment Report, click Release Students' Scores in the top-right corner.

After you have released scores, we will automatically send scores to Canvas for any new submissions or re-submissions from students.

Note: If a student re-submits or you re-grade a student's assignment, we will overwrite their current score listed on Canvas.